End of Year Fundraiser for Handicapped Syrian Refugees

This fundraiser is completed. Many thanks to all the organizers, participants, volunteers and sponsors!
$ 43
Funds raised
2 %
Goal : $ 2,000
Organizer : Joshua Buzzell
Completion date : May 31st, 2015

This fundraiser aims to bring much needed relief to refugees of the Syrian crisis who have been displaced, handicapped or are suffering as a result of extreme loss. Handicap International provides treatment for innocent civillians who have been injured in a war they don’t want to be a part of.

Within Syria, millions of people are displaced from their homes and many more Syrian are currently living in refugees camps in Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. The war has left many civilians without homes or proper shelter and have been forced to leave. As a result of the devastation brought to many civillian populations in Syria many people have become handicapped.

Many children are among the victims and survivors often become handicapped. We want to help ensure that these children get the treatment they need to make a recovery. Please make a donation if you are able to spare some money for the Syrian refugees who have not only lost their homes, but in many cases their ability to walk and be mobile because of their injuries.